AWS Electronics Group is one of Europe’s leading Specialist Electronics Manufacturing Solutions (EMS) providers, offering services for the entire electronic product lifecycle, from design to manufacturing and on through whole life service and repair.



AWS operates on an international platform with three UK facilities and one in Slovakia. AWS recognise that customers in this high technology market have different needs and technical requirements. Within AWS’s manufacturing facilities different areas of specialist skills exist:

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Complete product assembly & test
  • High end surface mount capability
  • Complex electro-mechanical assembly
  • Cable and harness assembly
  • Through life repair & maintenance

All of our facilities are capable in the area of product assembly and PCBA’s.

Our size, breadth and geographical locations mean that we can provide customers with an ideal range of solutions, such as initial NPI requirements, local support, engineering, flexibility and international locations, either driven by end market requirements, cost, or both.



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