AWS invest in leading edge Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) equipment

Anyone involved in printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) design, manufacture or procurement will tell you that components have become smaller and more complex. So much so, that the technology to visually inspect them has needed to change.

Worcester, UK - February 2012: AWS has a solid reputation in the industry for the quality and reliability of its products, confirmed in the last 12 months with approvals from NADCAP for its process capability. AWS engineers felt it was time to purchase the state of the art equipment. As part of its wider strategy for interchangeability and standardisation across sites, AWS purchased 3 machines for each of it’s SMT Facilities.

Jamie Maughan – AWS Group Operations Director commented – “in total we have spent over £150k, but we see it as a real investment, our customers demand more and more reliability and this new equipment offers us the latest in camera technology, providing greater functionality in identifying issues with component to PCB as well as normal polar and component ID checks. Customers are demanding more data and this equipment provides full SPC reports and controls. We have replaced all our AOI machines with Testworks Solutions AOI, which means we have state of the art technology and interchangeability, especially when it comes to offline programming.”

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