Case Study 1 - Security

Product resume:  In response to terrorists using explosive in fluids on planes and also drug smugglers carrying via fluids, it prompted the customer to design and develop an X Ray spectrometer that can immediately assess atomic structure of fluid in a bottle. Customers expertise is in X Ray detection mechanisms not manufacturing.

AWS Involvement: Involved at early detail design, turning concept into workable production solutions. Concurrent activity at AWS site on both mechanical and electronics: Reviewing prototype build problems and engineering solutions, specifying functionality, sourcing alternatives, alternative design solutions


  • From point to point wiring to modular cable harnesses
  • Functionality that was distributed in several areas integrated on two PCBs
  • Standard parts used – reducing material costs


  • Cost reduction of 33%
  • Assembly time reduced from 66 hours to 28 hours (58%) & de-skilled assembly
  • Connectivity testing reduced by 75%
  • Added functionality


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