Case Study 2 - Medical


Product resume: The RF generator is manufactured for AWS Customer and is a mass spectrometer with applications in science, petrochemical, medical & food industries. It produces 2kW of RF power at 27 MHz to produce an Argon Plasma at temperatures of 10,000 degrees Kelvin (hotter than the sun surface) to allow grating separation for a sensitive camera to analyse.

AWS Involvement: AWS production engineers involved in design and production start up in 2006. Production at 25 units/ week (2257) with regular cost down initiatives. AWS was involved in new replacement design during 2010


  • Reliability design changes to protect devices from excessive voltage
  • Improvements in machine set up and test
  • Design for Cost (DfC) and VA/VE projects (eg use of single PCBA)
  • Improved metal work solutions


  • Overall cost reduction of 20%
  • Assembly time reduced by 15%
  • BOM cost reduced by 22%
  • The new replacement design has AWS build knowledge & experience built in

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