Case Study 3 - Data Storage


Product resume: The AWS Customer is a leading provider of energy efficient disk-based storage systems designed for the long-term storage of digital information. Hardware and software systems that store medical images, email, business documents, video images, research data, and digital media of all types.

AWS Involvement: Involved at concept stage with the customer. Prototype build through AWS Newbury Fast Track area of one unit. DFM & DFT review with customers design team. Full turn key assembly.


  • Generation of full production test
  • Review of BOMs for lower cost alternatives
  • Design checks on maintainability, obsolescence and repair support


  • Cost reduction of 45%
  • BOM cost reduction of over 15%
  • Test Time reduction of 35%
  • Skill levels reduced from engineer to operator for test.
  • Full life support for ‘out of warranty’ products


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