New Product Introduction (NPI)


AWS provide a full range of new product introduction (NPI) services. This includes full design support from concept stages through to design freeze. AWS has extensive engineering capability that uses proven techniques such as:

  • Design for Manufacture (DfM)
  • Design for Test (DfT)
  • Design for Maintenance (DfMt)
  • Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (DFMEA)
  • Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (PFMEA)
  • Problem Management (8D Root Cause Analysis)

Working directly with customer design teams we take the product through all stages of the development phase to ensure robust and capable manufacturing processes. The optimisation of the production process using these techniques means we achieve lowest cost, not only for the cost of product but also associated costs of launch.

Our focus is to minimise problems at launch by following industry best practice in the management problems at the right time of the development (pre-production).


The cost of fixing problems in development and launch phase is significantly less than when you go past Job 1, this can be as much as 8 times less. Problems in the field also cause customer concerns, re-calls, high cost rework and introducing change is expensive, let alone the image that is lost.

The skill is managing the process of test and validation at the early stage and ‘finding ‘problems, not hiding problems. Once problems are found then’ root cause analysis’ using 8D ensures that solutions are found and problems engineered out.

AWS provides these skills under its NPI service offering and matches this to the maturity of the customer design team in these techniques.



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