EMS Provider AWS Electronics gains ISO 13485 Medical Accreditation

Enables leading manufacturer to support innovative, life-saving design

Worcester, UK - August 2014: AWS, one of Europe’s leading specialist contract electronics manufacturers, has received accreditation to ISO 13485, the international quality management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices. This achievement adds to other internationally-recognised standards that the company holds, including AS/EN 9100, ISO-9001 and ISO-14001.

ISO 13485 supersedes earlier documents such as EN 46001 and EN 46002 and ISO 13488. It is important for AWS Electronics since the medical sector is so vibrant in the UK and Europe. Comments AWS Group CEO, Paul Deehan: “There are very many science parks all across Europe that are developing innovative medical equipment that are offering cures and delivering quality of life enhancements that sometimes seem like science fiction. Truly the medical sector is one of the most rewarding industries to be involved with – but also the products that are being developed are often very challenging from a manufacturing point of view. They are routinely small, they may be even wearable and often they must be resistant to chemical and other fluid contamination. And of course, they must not fail, as a patient’s life may depend on them. Therefore, as manufacturers, AWS must work to the highest possible standards.”

He adds: “It is very exciting to work in partnership with medical instrument companies and our accreditation to ISO 13485 is a guarantee that we can support them fully.”