AWS has grown significantly over the last 10 years by following its strategy for organic and acquisitive growth. With a customer led focus it has developed its technical capability and broadened its international footprint to become one of Europe’s leading EMS providers.

The company has been working to a clear strategic plan:

  • Grow turnover to circa £80m  – £100m through organic & acquisitive growth
  • Develop internal capabilities – a full service provider
  • Supply Chain – Procuring globally at the best value
  • Optimise operations – Standardisation of processes and procedures
  • Develop design capabilities
  • Acquire new technology – Clearly defined technology roadmap
  • Invest in business systems – ERP (Standardised group approach “The AWS way”)
  • Drive continuous improvement
  • Adopt lean principles
  • Develop AWS methodology/ Manufacturing excellence
  • Enhance control & reporting

The company strategy continues to be one of growth through  both organically and further acquisitions whilst also continuing to have a customer led focus, allowing it to benefit from economies of scale whilst working on a true international platform. The strategy is in direct response to support the ever changing needs and demands of our customers and the markets that they serve.

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