Procurement and Logistics


In order to be perfectly integrated, the manufacturing cycle requires that the electronic, mechanical and associated components arrive at the right place at the right time. From order-taking to delivery, precise scheduling allows us to manage the supply and manufacturing processes in line with our customer’s delivery requirements.

AWS's supply processes are automated to optimize efficiency and ensure their reliability.  The integrated AWS Control system allows us to place our orders quickly and efficiently.

Our purchasing and logistics departments are capable of finding components anywhere in the world.

AWS relies on a network of global suppliers carefully selected for their technical and economic performance. In order to maintain supplier quality assurance, we audit our suppliers on a regular basis.

In addition to supporting the manufacturing process, logistics is key in ensuring a project's success: delivering the final product to the desired site on time, transport management, customs clearance and communication of the logistic documents.

We can also handle and store your product inventories in our warehouses and deliver them directly to your customers after customisation (fulfilment).

AWS are contracted to review customer Bills Of Materials (BOMs) to manage component obsolescence both during and out of warranty periods.

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